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We won Climate Launchpad Malaysia Finalist!

Climate Launchpad is one of the world largest Global Climate and Environment Raise Fund Platform, vision to bring great startups to global attention and help to fight for climate impact. We are so honoured and blessed to become Finalists in Malaysia, especially with all the tight competition. Anyway I wish to shoutout to all of the startups, you are amazing, and I especially love all of your great ideas. Special thanks and appreciation especially to : PWD smart farmability - The best organic terrarium grow box I had seen so far, I really love your invention and hope that everyone will see the climate and social impact you brought to the world. Super Butterfly - A power generation super butterfly valve that gives clean energy from a water treatment plant. Great idea and I hope you could reach globally! Herculean Climate Solution - A great solution of Bicarbonate that could solve the global CO2 problem, especially to Mill Plant Production. I am fortunate to be one of them to witness your climate impact!

Also to all other startups that I didn't mention, you are doing great really. I am really happy to see all the passionate startups that are ambitious to tackle the climate challenge. I hope that the government and more VC will allocate more attention to the Climate and Green Fund! Together we will bring a better future!

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